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Hotel: an ambient which has just been revamped

The hotel and restaurant Ai Tre Amici, set in the centre of Medio Friuli, has deep roots in early century tradition, when it was a resting place for merchants on their way to Austria or Carnia. When in the mid-1950s the estate passed on to the Tirelli family, Alfredo and Laura transformed it into a modern restaurant with a small hotel with a family atmosphere.

Following major restructuring works, the building has further increased its appearance as a Friulan dwelling house, in which a rustic and cosy style makes you feel very much at home. The old kitchen has been converted into a new reserved restaurant hall, fitted with a typical Friulan style fireplace, where your dinners will be enriched with a unique and characteristic atmosphere. The care which has always been given to safeguarding the territory has led us to install solar panels and a photovoltaic plant suitable to make use of solar energy, by reducing the impact on the environment.
Nowadays Ai Tre Amici still succeeds in keeping its early century charm, together with a flawless service, a renowned cuisine in the whole province and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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